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Jason & Kolette Hall Family Memorial Fund

As anyone who has coached a bunch of young kids for the first time knows, it can be a daunting endeavor. Now imagine coaching a bunch of wily, energetic 6-8-year-old kids who are armed with sticks and launching balls, but you’re a quadriplegic.

Four years ago, Jason Hall signed up to be a coach for the K-2nd grade team of the Syracuse Titans Youth Lacrosse club. Despite the fact he could not run the plays, throw a pass, or physically demonstrate the drills and movements he was asking his players to do, Jason tackled this challenge like he has all others in his life, with positivity and determination to make an impact. Above all, Jason was committed to guiding his players to become their best selves, developing champions inside!

The culture, character, and reputation he has created among the club and the entire league is unmistakable. His players love him and knew he loved them. Not only has he developed tremendous skill and discipline among his players, he has fostered an unmatched love and respect for the game of lacrosse. Beyond that, Jason understood better than anyone the sacred responsibility of his role. Not just in building lacrosse skills, but molding and influencing the character of his young players on and off the field. In turn, Jason personally found a deep love and passion for the game and became a model coach and leader in the community.

On Friday, May 24, 2019, Coach Hall passed away unexpectedly. The hole this leaves in the world cannot be understated, particularly in the lives of his players.

Shortly after a diving accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down, Jason made up his mind to be happy. According to his father, Jason said, “I’m only 15 years old, there’s a lot I want to do with my life that I’m not going to be able to do. But I made up my mind that I’m going to be happy, because I love people and I think people love to be around people who are happy.”

Jason, together with his wife Kolette and their son Coleman, have intentionally lived that decision every day and have meaningfully served and impacted the lives of all who come into contact with them.

In honor of Jason’s legacy of happiness and service, together with the Hall Family, we have set up the Jason & Kolette Hall Family Memorial Fund specifically intended to assist families and youth who, due to financial constraints, would not otherwise have the opportunity to play lacrosse. All donations made to the Syracuse Titans Youth Lacrosse club, in the name of the fund, will be used specifically to cover any expenses that would impede a youth from playing lacrosse.


The Hall family are champions of lacrosse and the positive impact it has on our community and we are grateful for their support and example. 

Please use the link below to contribute now.

 “As long as we are learning every time we play, as long as we are having fun, and as long as we give 100% all the time, we will always win, no matter what the scoreboard says.” – Coach Jason Hall

“Who are we?

We are the Titans!

Who, are, we?

We are the Titans!

Who… Are… We…

We are the Titans, Titans, Titans!

Learn! Play! Work! Win!”



As a 501(c)(3), any donations made to the Syracuse Titans Youth Lacrosse club are tax deductible, so we truly appreciate your contribution and generosity.

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